New project announcement: Housing coin

As of today we want to announce our new Block-chain Housing coin. Housing coin will be our new and improved block-chain with a smaller initial and smaller total supply. Housing coin has 113m coins so far. Roofs coin has currently 141m coins. Every person who swaps his Roofs for Housing coin will receive 25% extra coins. Thus this means that not everybody will be able to swap his coins from Roofs to Housing coin.

Benefits of HOUSING COIN:

– Receive 25% extra coins when you choose to swap

– 20% smaller initial supply

– 10% smaller total/max supply

– 100% of all roofs reloaded are reserved for the swap

– Webshop plugins as easy addon to webshops systems like Woocommerce & Opencart are in development stage to bring more usability to the coin

– Will become the b2c and b2b chain our realestate platform.

Please be aware that Housing coin is a different chain then Roofs coins. So you can’t send your swapped coins back to the exchanges (coinexchange or coinsmarkets). After the entire swap has been completed we will announce more information about the dates when Housing coin will get listed at several exchanges.

9 thoughts on “New project announcement: Housing coin

  1. mike Pham Reply

    I have my roofs coins in coinexchange. What can I do to swap to Roofs Reloaded V2? Please help! Thanks!

  2. Dennis J. Frost Reply

    Hi Roofs

    I have sent my roofs v1 to you and have also written a PM to you.
    How long will it be before I receive my roofs v2?

    Best regards

    Dennis Frost

  3. Joe Teixeira Reply

    Is the wallet compatible with Macs? I’ve already sent my coins, and tried to download the wallet. Saying not compatible with IOS. What do you recommend?

  4. Murat Reply

    Hallo ich glaube ich habe eine grosse fehler gemacht,. ich habe den wallet runtergeladen und meine roofsv1 coins zu meine roofs2 adresse direkt geschickt,. sind meine coins alle verloren gegangen?

  5. Reza Ghassemi Reply

    I have downloaded the roofs reloaded wallet but it is a .exe and I am a Mac user. Is there a Mac version of the wallet?
    Also, is there a risk I loose my current Roof Coins?

  6. lucky ben blaai Reply

    helo admin, i am trying to download the wallet, but i only see mega i dont see any wallet, this app is for uploading datas and transfering, i dot see any wallet

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