Starting off our project Roofs

We first started off with working out our complete idea of Roofs. Roofs is a online currency with big plans. We want to create several things. First we want to create the software to allow real-estate agents to submit their properties to our website. We expect this will be ready in 1 month.

Secondly we want to work on the real-estate website. This will be a different platform then this website, and will be completely setted up for you to submit your home/apartment and for you to search in our database for a new place to live. We want to get this ready in December 2017 – January 2018.

Once we’ve created the platform where all of you can submit their houses and searching for new homes. We want to work on the integration of our cryptocurrency. We think this process is the hardest because the software is the most important component of our entire project and needs to be developed with great care.