Listed on our first exchange

Listed on Coinexchange

Finally the moment was there at 25-10-2017, we received the message through a member of the community that our coin all ready got listed at the prestigious alt-coin market website As happy as we were we noticed that all kind of traders already started buying and selling their coins! During the first day, we saw a increase of traders, and also a lot of positive things and words about our project. Since we did not plan it to get listed already, we had to work hours and hours to speed up the development of our website. As promised we published a preview of our website the same day online. Now on the second day, we can not wait to get you all the cool new updates which are going to flow in shortly. For now we want to thank everybody, from stone one until the first coin officially traded at coinexchange.

And of course our first major update is the launch of our website.

Thanks a lot

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