How will we make Roofs popular? 

First we will start with our crypto currency. By doing the marketing it’s going to give it the first value. Then we will move over to social signal marketing. From the basics for this we are going to need you help and also the help of all your social-media connected friends and family. This way we can extend our initial reach of 30.000 to a potential 10.000.000 million within the first months.

You could imagine this will explode exponentially once our Digital currency reaches the first big trading platform. At this stage we aim for a stable growth of the coin thus all our assets. 

Now it’s time for our media buyers and advertisements to gain lots and lots of attention on global online scale. Once this is all settled a lot of real-estate business are going to be aware of our existence. We will get in tough with small and medium real-estate websites for the integration of our merchants. In return each of those sites will get growing number of potential customers, whereafter each and everyone involved will benefit from the daily exponential growth.

We are going to aim to bring all those real-estate companies extra customers by also setting up region based business directories and of-course by indexing all properties in a own overall large realestate search engine.

First things first! Let us all take a closer look at our coin specs. Enjoy!


– Team formed
– Project name chosen
– Algo chosen SCRYPT
– Server configuration prepared
– Starting to work on the daemon en wallets
– Domain registration.
– Website developed
– Forum topics pre-writtren
– More graphics design and banners purchased.
– Publishing the board topic.
– Add more value to the project with creating more social awareness with a Airdrop.
– Connection to both Mining pools and block-explorers
– Gathering extra funds to get listed on the first exchange
– Getting our digital currency merchant account.
– Being able to buy and sell our coin outside the official exchanges.
– Getting listed on the second Exchange
– Starting with more local marketing in different regions.
– Starting to gain small and medium sized real-estate sites to accept our digital currency.
– Do bigger scaled advertising, both online and offline.
– Getting listed on third and fourth big exchange.
– Reaching out to television and other media attention.
– Launching our own business real-estate directory.
– Connecting all dots of being a major player within the real-estate branches crossing border style.
– Evaluations for the next steps to follow.