Roofs Crypto Currency for Real Estate

With Roofs you can buy and sell your properties in cryptocurrency
and also look through databases to find a new place to live.

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About Us

We provide affordable solutions to clients around the world, creating a platform where people can buy and sell their properties and pay or getting paid in cryptocurrency.

Searching for a new place to live

With Roofs you can easily find a new home. We want to offer all kinds of real-estate from apartments in New York to a nice and quite home somewhere in Austria. To submit your home for sale you first need to sign up to answer some important questions. We will always check your identity to verify you’re a real person and to check if the property you want to put for sale really belongs to you.

Buy and Sell your real-estate properties

With Roofs you can buy and sell your properties in crypto currency. With our ingenious software you can easily calculate what your house is worth in crypto currency. The system will adjust the price automatically if the price goes up or down. Once you have sold your first property you will have your first stack of Roofs coins. The more real estate trades made, the more value of the coin. This way you will gain even more profits then your profits made by selling your properties the usual way.

Where to live

Some Fun Facts

1 bil
The most expensive home is situated in India in the Antilia skyscraper
Hong Kong is the world's most expensive city to live in. With an average rent of 6000 euro pm.
100 %
World's most healthy and happy's places to live in are Copenhagen, Okinawa, Monte Carlo & Vancouver
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Listed on Coinexchange Finally the moment was there at 25-10-2017, we received the message through a member of the community that our coin all ready got listed at the prestigious …

Starting off our project Roofs

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